HUGE BOOST: Kylie and David Kenworthy, owners of Wynyard poly pipe manufacturing company Zezt, are delighted their company has been awarded a $10m contract for the Midlands Irrigation Scheme. Picture: Kelly Slater.

THE owner of the Wynyard Company awarded a $10 million contract for the Midlands Irrigation Scheme says it’s a justified reward for the hard work the business invested during the tender process.

David Kenworthy, owner of poly pipe manufacturer Zezt, said it had been a “long, hard battle” since it had started preparing its bid.

But the business can now enjoy the fruits of its labour, after Tas Irrigation selected it as the most outstanding candidate for the sizeable contract.

“We were aware we were shortlisted so we were very happy when we found out,” Mr Kenworthy said.

“Winning (the contract) is great news for the company, and the group of people that work within it.

“This is going to add significant strength to our business, and we’re going to be able to employ more Coasters.”

Mr Kenworthy was unable to disclose just how many new positions could be offered.

The company was selected as the standout bid from a number of rival businesses for the contract, including some from the mainland.

Mr Kenworthy, who owns the business with wife Kylie, visited Launceston on Tuesday afternoon to sign the contract with representatives from Tas Irrigation.

In being awarded the multi- million dollar contract, Zezt has been announced as Tas Irrigation’s preferred supplier for major irrigation contracts around the state.

This could mean it will be in line to secure future contracts, and it’s believed the total value to the business could be in the vicinity of $30 million overall.

Mr Kenworthy said he was unable to elaborate on information regarding potential future contracts.

SOURCE: The Advocate