Zezt helps to overcome challenging conditions for effective project delivery.

Like much of Australia, Tasmania has shared in severe drought conditions for most of the last decade. To mitigate the impact and save precious water the Clarence City Council in the state capital Hobart undertook to construct a recycled water pipeline from its recycling plant to a newly commissioned dam providing vital water to the surrounding agricultural regions.

The scope was to connect an existing DICL DN450 pipeline to the reservoir. The challenge was to overcome the trying topographic variation, a number of road and rail crossings and the prevailing savage weather blowing up from the Southern Ocean in the midst of Tasmania’s winter. Given these criteria polyethylene was the only viable pipeline material.

With its trademark approach to innovative pipeline solutions Zezt was able to work with all the project stakeholders in overcoming the challenging project delivery timetable. Zezt, in a Tasmanian first, manufactured 25m lengths of DN630 PN12.5 and PN16 pipe. The benefits to the project were multiple. Longer lengths cut down drastically the number of welds required. This was critical in assisting the delivery of the project ahead of schedule, an impressive feat during a typically dark and cold southern winter. Ideal conditions for welding PE pipe are dry and free of wind. The ground-breaking Zezt solution of 25m lengths reduced the risk by reducing the number of joints and reduced the overall construction cost.

The superior physical properties of PE compared to other more traditional pipe materials allowed for safer construction on the undulating and wet terrain along the pipeline route, reducing safety health and environmental risk for construction crews and nearby farmers alike. The same physical properties enable the pipe to be bored under road and rail crossings along the route eliminating the need for costly and disruptive open cut installations. With its commitment to being actively involved with the Clarence City Council, consulting engineers and construction contractor, Zezt played a pivotal and creative role in assisting with the delivery of this major infrastructure project ahead of schedule and under budget.

PROJECT Coal River Valley Recycled Water Pipeline

CLIENT Clarence City Council

YEAR 2010

DN 630 PN 16 & 12.5 LENGTH 7km