Wynyard Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturing Company— Zezt Pty Ltd has been awarded the $10 million contract for the major Midlands Irrigation Scheme.

It is a big win for the business with Tasmanian Irrigation selecting Zezt as the most outstanding candidate for the sizeable contract.

Being awarded the multi-million dollar Midlands’s contract also means that Zezt has been nominated as the preferred supplier for Tasmanian Irrigation’s future major irrigation contracts around the state.

Although unable to elaborate on the specific details of the contract or and future Tasmanian Irrigation projects, Zezt’s Managing Director said that: “It has been a long, hard battle since preparing their bid for the project and while being aware that we were shortlisted, to win the contract is a justified reward for the effort invested by the business during the tendering process.”
“Winning this contract is going to add significant strength to the business giving us the workload and capabilities to allow us to employ more ‘Coasters’”

A spokesman for Tasmanian Irrigation stated that “We had a lot of parties tender from outside the state but we are delighted the project was able to be awarded to a Tasmanian company.”

“Zezt’s selection came after an exhaustive tender process. It was not a specific goal of Tasmanian Irrigations to keep the project in Tasmania. The contract was awarded to the best applicant and it was won on Zezt’s own merits, they have a solid reputation and we are satisfied they meet all the quality demands. They tick all the boxes. ”

– The Advocate July 2012