The Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme was developed to construct a pump station on the banks of the South Esk River in order to support a 6,000 mega litre dam and transfer pipeline.

In winter when the water levels are at a high, excess water from the river will be extracted by the transfer pipeline in order to be stored in the Milford dam.

The water will then be returned to the river during the irrigation season allowing for the excess collected water to be utilised by farmers in the South Esk valley where irrigating and water supplies has been an issue in the past.

As of August 2012, construction of the Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme is in full swing. One of the three major contracts for the Lower South Esk project was awarded to Tasmanian polyethylene pipe manufacturing company Zezt Pty Ltd.

Zezt won the contract to manufacture and supply the high density polyethylene pipe and as of August 2012 have completed delivery of 1.4 kilometres of 1200mm diameter pipe. The 1200mm pipe manufactured by Zezt is the largest diameter pipe used on any project in Tasmania to date.