Tasmanian Irrigation (TI) developed the Multiple Irrigation Schemes as part of the State Government’s ambition to ‘drought proof’ the island.

Comprising of 3 separate projects the Multiple Irrigation Scheme aims to provide water to 78,000 hectares of farmland from south of Cressy to Oatlands. The Multiple Irrigation Scheme is the first of 11 projects currently being developed by TI.

 Following the Whitemore Pipeline the Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme (LSIS) a pumps station was designed to be built along the banks of the South Esk River in order to support a 6,000 mega litre dam and transfer pipeline. Construction was scheduled to being in July/August 2012.

 Zezt was successful in the bid for the LSIS manufacture and delivery of 1400m of DN1200, using previous models to assist in providing rapid installation of the pipeline through effective and innovative manufacture and delivery. The logistics and delivery of such large pipe was a challenge and to allow for site access Zezt moved quickly to widen a corner of the road to be able to manoeuvre the loads with ease. To date the DN1200 HDPE delivered to LSIS is the largest DN pipe to be manufactured and used on any project in Tasmania.

 Zezt’s creative approach to completing manufacture and delivery of such a large and potentially troubling product assisted TI to effectively begin construction on the pipeline on schedule.

PROJECT Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme


YEAR 2012

DN 1200

PN 6.3 to 10

LENGTH 1.4km