Zezt Pty Ltd was awarded the contract for the Whitemore Irrigation Scheme that was developed by the Tasmanian Irrigation Development Board. It was surmised that with the construction of the Whitemore pipeline over 5,500 Million litres of water would be delivered to irrigation communities near Bracknell in northern Tasmania, providing greater water security for those farming/irrigation communities. The Minister for Primary Industries and Water pushed the button on the first of the major irrigation projects that is being completed under Tasmania’s water development strategy. The Minister said “:The $11 million Whitemore Irrigation Scheme is the heralding of a new era of opportunity for the State’s primary industries with the roll out of further big irrigation projects gathering momentum. Irrigation is laying the foundation for further growth and jobs in the agricultural sector across Tasmania for generations to come.” Today is a significant milestone with the Whitemore scheme delivered on time and within budget. “A small off-stream holding dam has been built has been built to regulate distribution of the water via 40 kilometres of underground pipelines to properties in the district. 45 farmers have secured water entitlements to the scheme with more connecting to network to take water in the future. Whitemore is one of the schemes that makes up the $88 million Midlands project, which is one of the biggest ever irrigation developments to take place in Tasmania. Zezt supplied 40 kilometres of 630mm diameter polyethylene pipe to supply the Whitemore Irrigation Scheme.

– Joint Media Release 2010